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La Curacao is best known as a growing chain of large format department stores of 100,000 square feet each. With a Hispanic focus, La Curacao ranks among the top 100 electronics and appliance retailers in the U.S., larger than many nationwide companies whose stores number in the thousands. This feat is made possible by La Curacao ’s unique relationship to its customers. The local Latino population is more than a market to us; it is a vibrant community, and La Curacao is an active member.

Latinos are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States, and the highest concentration is in Southern California. For the last decade, Los Angeles has been home to the third-largest Hispanic population in the world – seven million people, with an annual buying power of $66 billion. It is no coincidence that La Curacao has grown as well. In the years since our recovery fr om the 1992 riots, the company has expanded many times over, adding new stores and warehouses, offering new services beyond retail sales, and becoming the most trusted name within our market.

La Curacao gains momentum with each passing year, with plans to enter Hispanic markets in new cities. The key to our continuing success, however, is the caliber of our associates. Our philosophy regarding employment is “hire for attitude, train for skill.” When hiring, we look for enthusiasm, ambition, and friendliness. In our Associate Training Center, we teach employees to utilize those qualities in the business world.

In addition to traditional retail products, La Curacao provides a number of services that are of special interest to the Latino community, including CuraTel local and long distance telephone service, Pasito.Com internet access, travel services, export services, and, through a sister company, Pollo Campero restaurants.

One of the cornerstones of La Curacao’s success is the credit department. Through a very sophisticated credit evaluation system, La Curacao is a leader in providing credit to customers who would not qualify under conventional criteria.

La Curacao ’s corporate offices are in the Pico-Union district of Los Angeles, occupying the same building as our oldest store. This building is the La Curacao Business Center, a pair of towers with ten floors each and half a million square feet of executive office space. The center is an ideal workspace for any company interested in working with the Latino community.