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Community help history.

For over 20 years, La Curacao has provided home products and services to our customers. During that period we have taken an active but quiet role through philanthropic endeavors. La Curacao has displayed a great deal of care and love for humanity in major times of need and in the daily lives of children and their families from our community.

On a number of occasions, we have promptly reacted in times of need when Mother Nature devastated neighboring countries. With the help of the community, La Curacao has been always very effective in responding promptly in moments of disaster. The effectiveness has been achieved due to the great trust that the community has placed on us. The possibilities have been always considerable thanks to their fast response along the years. Following are some of the relief delivered through the history of La Curacao:


Following a major earthquake in the country of El Salvador, La Curacao collected thousands of dollars for the victims of the earthquake, and sent a large shipment containing first aid supplies.

La Curacao chartered aircraft to carry 200,000 tons of supplies and aid to victims of Hurricane Mitch. This aid was the first to arrive from the United States.
See Huracan Mitch videos.
Montage of destruction and...
Huracan mitch, devastation, and...


A powerful earthquake damaged Mexico City;La Curacao assisted the neighboring country by collecting and distributing a massive amount of first aid, money, and food to the large number of victims of the earthquake of Mexico City
We have always been very effective in responding immediately in moments of disaster due to the help and support of the community.


10/10/86: Following a major earthquake in the country ofEl Salvador, La Curacao assisted in collecting money and distributing containers filled with substantial amounts of first aid supplies and food for the victims of the earthquake.
Live radio telethon operated from La Curacao parking lot for an 11 hour non-stop broadcast.


1/17/94: A powerful earthquake hits Los Angeles.La Curacao immediately distributed food, tents, and blankets to the numerous victims that were being sheltered in local parks.
We have always been very effective in responding immediately in moments of disaster due to the help and support of the community. People waiting in line to donate.


A catastrophic Hurricane devastated the countries ofHonduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and part of Nicaragua. Again, La Curacao called out for help, involving the community, its employees, and other identities. Together, it collected money that made possible to paid two airplanes, each filled with 200,000 tons of first aid, food, and clothing, and this was the first aid from the USA to arrive to their land. Soon, 210 additional containers filled with more aid supplies were shipped via maritime.
We plan to continue to be at the forefront of situations and issues that affect our community. One family enjoying their newly constructed home. Donation provided by La Curacao.

A leader in the community we serve: In addition to lending a hand to the victims of Mother Nature, La Curacao has also contributed to community organizations, churches, and schools. Our vision is to help and improve the social and academic education of our children. To this extent, La Curacao has established internal programs and major community events that create a positive impact on the children in the community. La Curacao hosts an annual “Children’s Fair” and community outreach event. The focus of this event is aimed at keeping children off of the street by showcasing existing organizations, companies, and activities within the community that will provide solid resources and knowledge for children to learn and develop. Over 300 different organizations have participated in the past and the event continues to grow from community groups to attendees. By bringing together children, their parents and community groups that offer a wide variety of programs, we hope to make an impact on what youth will do after school and on weekends. For this event, La Curacao invites local schools, which in turn they receive prizes as an incentive for their participation in our event. La Curacao has in place, a computer area full of fun and education at every store. This computer area serves as a peace of mind for parents who bring their children to the store, while they shop. The computer areas enable children to be with a trained professional in a safe place and a pleasant learning environment. Children have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills by exploring, practicing, and playing with computer programs. The children will have an exciting learning experience, filled with entertainment and fun using a computer that generally is not available in their homes. La Curacao maintains a very close relationship with the schools from the local community. La Curacao has developed an Incentive Program that supports local students’ education and personal development. The assistance to the schools is tailored according to each school’s individual needs. The most common strategies used are incentive based. Curriculum and contests are developed to improve such basics as reading, writing, math, and attendance improvement. Every year, La Curacao provides Savings bonds contributions to local schools of the Head Quarter Store, which can be utilized as another incentive for the student’s academic improvement.

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